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General Tattoo & Hygiene Accessories

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Sterile water - Compliant with European Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC and European GMP
Price: £2.49 Ex VAT
Sterilisation Pouches - for use in autoclave
Price: £6.66 Ex VAT
Tattoo Consent Forms
Price: £8.33 Ex VAT
Tongue Depressors (packs of 100 or 500), for use in tattoo studios, UK.
Price: £1.66 Ex VAT
Viroklenz 1l Refil (Anti Microbial Super Cleaner) | Tattoo Studio Safe
Price: £8.50 Ex VAT
Viroklenz - 500ml Spray
Price: £5.65 Ex VAT
4oz bottle of Distilled Witch Hazel (14% Alcohol). Witch Hazel is a clear colourless liquid which is often used instead of water to mix with inks, whi
Price: £3.33 Ex VAT
YAYO Fresh is a 100% natural tattoo green tattoo soap used to rinse, cleanse and cool the epidermis of your client. It is made with natural plant oils
Price: £10.83 Ex VAT
Yayo Juice Soap Concentrate | Tattoo Supplies | 500ml bottle
Price: £10.83 Ex VAT
Yayo - Magic (200ml) | High quality microbial foam soap |
Price: £7.49 Ex VAT