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Yayo Familia Products

Cruelty Free, Handmade, Tattoo Skincare Products | Yayo Familia Aftercare

Yayo tattoo products are handmade and cruelty free and are for use during and after the tattoo process.

Each aftercare product is formulated and rigorously tested to heal the epidermis quickly while ensuring a bright & vibrant healed tattoo.

YAYO Familia is made in Sheffield by artists and skin care specialists who bring both elements of their expertise to the table to ensure you get quality products that work for tattoo collectors and artists alike.

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Yayo Candy (Stencil Solution)
Price: £16.66 Ex VAT
Yayo Clean Tattoo Care - 250ml
Price: £18.33 Ex VAT
Yayo - Magic (200ml) | High quality microbial foam soap |
Price: £14.99 Ex VAT
Yayo Juice Soap Concentrate | Tattoo Supplies | 500ml bottle
Price: £11.66 Ex VAT
Yayo Clear Tattoo Care - 250ml
Price: £18.33 Ex VAT
Yayo Guard - Skin Protecting Film - 15m, for Tattoo Studios UK
Price: £21.66 Ex VAT
Yayo Jungle Tattoo Process Butter and Aftercare
Price: £4.99 Ex VAT
Yayo Solid (50 sachets)
Price: £8.33 Ex VAT
Yayo Sweet
Price: £18.33 Ex VAT
YAYO Fresh is a 100% natural tattoo green tattoo soap used to rinse, cleanse and cool the epidermis of your client. It is made with natural plant oils
Price: £11.66 Ex VAT