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  • We have a huge range of tattoo inks, including Solid Ink, Dynamic Tattoo Ink, Effortless Tattoo Ink, Fusion Tattoo Ink, Kuro Sumi and Shadowline.
  • Our range of aftercare products includes Tatwax and the fantastic Hustle Butter range of products.
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Tattoo Cartridges UK from Jungle Tattoo Supplies

Suppliers of Tattoo Cartridges, Ink, Studio Furniture & Tattoo Needles

We supply tattoo cartridges and equipment to tattoo studios across the UK & Europe. Tattoo Inks, Needles, Disposable Grips, Tattoo Cartridges, Aftercare, Tattoo Studio Furniture & Lighting, Medical & Hygiene Equipment, Tattoo Stencil Products & Paper and much more, including promoting products manufactured by UK Tattoo Artists!!

Jungle Tattoo Supplies was formed in 2014 – we had been supplying professional tattooists in the UK & Europe for four years previous to this as CAM Supply (UK) who are one of the world’s largest manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers of tattoo equipment.

Tattoo Cartridge user?

Tattoo cartridges are preassembled, self-contained tattoo needle groupings inside a plastic tip. The drive of the machine repeatedly forces the needle forwards and backwards by sitting against the plunger inside the cartridge, rather than by a needle bar. A bonus of this is that it is quick and easy to switch between different needle sizes throughout the tattooing process. Typically, cartridge systems are used with rotary machines rather than traditional coil machines.

Jungle CleanLine Cartridges are highly regarded by tattoo artists as they have a fantastic needle quality and run smoothly with good ink flow…

We currently stock and supply EZ Cartridge, Unicarts as well as our own amazing Cleanline X cartridges.

We also carry our range of high quality tattoo needles and disposable tattoo grips and tips, all at brilliant prices!

Tattoo Inks

Our current stock of tattoo ink brands include:

Tattoo Machines UK

Tattoo machines from top names in the tattoo industry such as CNC Wireless Pens, Axys Tattoo Mahcines and the incredible Killer Bee!

Yayo Familia Products

Yayo tattoo skincare products are handmade in Sheffield, cruelty free and vegan friendly. For use during and after the tattoo process. Range includes soaps, serums, aftercare cream and sachets.

Tattoo Furniture & Lighting

Tattoo furniture and lighting, including Tattoo Stools, Tattoo Studio Lighting, Tattoo Armrests and tattoo studio couches.

Ronnie Starr UK Handmade Tattoo Products

The Ronnie Starr range includes RCA Cables, clip cords, the Cube Power Pack and clip cord adaptors. High quality, UK made tattoo power equipment that lasts!

Tattoo Power, Foot Switches, Cords & Power Units

Power accessories for tattoo studios, including power units, foot switches, leads and cords.

Tattoo Studio Medical and Hygiene Equipment

We have a substantial stock of tattoo medical and hygiene products, including:

Tattoo Consent Forms

Don't leave yourself open to a costly mistake. Make sure you've got a decent stock of tattoo consent forms. Order your duplicate book for clients to declare health issues before being tattooed.

If you have any questions regarding any of our tattoo cartridges, products and equipment, or you would like us to source a product for you, why not give us a call on 01226 107070.