• We have a huge range of tattoo inks, including Solid Ink, Dynamic Tattoo Ink, Effortless Tattoo Ink, Fusion Tattoo Ink, Kuro Sumi and Shadowline.
  • Click here to view our impressive range of disposable needles, cartridges and grips, including Abstract Silver disposable tattoo grips, Jungle Cleanline grips, EZ Cartridge and needles including Bug Pin, Magnum, Shaders and Liners.
  • Our impressive range of tattoo machines includes Cheyenne Tattoo Machines & Grips, Nedz Micro Rotaries, Sabre Tattoo Machines and we also stock parts and accessories.
  • Our range of aftercare products includes Tatwax and the fantastic Hustle Butter range of products.
  • Tatwax original soothing balm, UK stockists
  • Tattoo studio furniture - couches, arm rests, stools, lighting

Tattoo Products in the UK | Jungle Tattoo Supplies

Suppliers of Tattoo Inks, Cartridges, Studio Furniture and Tattoo Needles

We supply tattooing equipment to tattoo studios across the UK & Europe. Tattoo Inks, Needles, Disposable Grips, Tattoo Cartridges, Aftercare, Tattoo Studio Furniture & Lighting, Medical & Hygiene Equipment, Tattoo Stencil Products & Paper and much more, including promoting products manufactured by UK Tattoo Artists!!

Jungle Tattoo Supplies was formed in 2014 – we had been supplying professional tattooists in the UK & Europe for four years previous to this as CAM Supply (UK) who are one of the world’s largest manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers of tattoo equipment.

Our current stock of tattoo ink brands includes Eternal Inks, Fusion Inks, Shadowline Inks, Solid Inks, Effortless Inks and Kuro Sumi Inks. We also have our own brand of tattoo needles that are an incredible price and top quality. Cartridge user? We currently stock and supply EZ Cartridge as well as our amazing Cleanline range!

We’re all about supporting artists in growing their tattoo business and profiles. If there’s anything you don’t see on our website that we could help you with, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

You can call us on 08455 651 169